West Point Grey Community Centre’s Artists in Residence, LocoMotoArt will host an Open House Friday January 15th from 4pm – 9pm in their studios located at Aberthau Mansion. The artists will be showing a series of interactive and immersive sound and visual installations, including display of photo documentation and digital mosaics of several community engaged projects initiated during 2015. These works include: Moments of Happiness, The Sunflower Garden and Intertwined Boundaries, which features the work of participant Jill Ineson. Viewers will also have a special treat to view the traditional straw and flax weaving projects of Brian Jones, whose studio is also at Aberthau. In addition, the artists will show the interactive installation PoSSeSSionZ, shown in April 2013 during Paul Wong’s exhibition, Thru The Trap Door. Some works available for curation and purchase. The event is free and everyone is welcome to attend.