Below are notes from the google presentation of how to update the website.



1. Admin has access to everything

2. Editor has access to only the following blue highlighted sections.  Able to edit Pages, Posts, Programs(events).

***Content Updating


The site is a responsive web site with  – 3 view Desktop, Tablet, Mobile

Divi Builder Framework

Divi is a WordPress theme and website builder developed by Elegant Themes that allows its users to design and modify their websites in real time with an intuitive front-end visual editor.
-new page may pop open when your editing which is normal.

PAGES Static Timeless, Essential Information

Most pages on are built with the Divi Builder and posts are not.

Pages are created into templates with Regular, Specialty, Full Width Sections. for the different views, lots of modules and shortcodes that get custom coded with css. Cascading style sheet. (fonts/colours/spacing)  These have been carefully set up and connect the page templates so careful if you change something it could affect other sections of the site.

If you see the purple divi builder –  then you are using Divi
Save twice- Divi Builder and on the right side bar or the page edits may not save.

POSTS Short, Timely Content

Choose Post to create a stream of new, relatively brief content that can educate and inform readers about current events, hot trends, and new information. Share it widely with the many WordPress plugins for social sharing and crossposting, and categorize posts carefully for easy searching.

Uses post categories and can push to social media, other website and feeds.


Post categories are organized to show in these areas listed below on the wpg website.

Home page top masonary ( stacked boxed post sliders)
Category Home 1 / ( large on left)
Category Home 2 / (top right)
Category Home 3 / ( bottom left)
Category Home 4 / ( bottom right)

Home page 2 post news items under ‘Welcome to West Point Grey’
(Category Feature in date order most recent)

News and Notices
(All categories selected in date order desc)

Each top Level Navigation has a news banner that will go to a specific category.   (Rotates between 2  posts) = Category is Programs = Category is Community Engagement = Category is Facility = Category is About

-Posts don’t use divi builder unless you want a specific layout.

-Excerpt overrides the start of the body text area for headlines in the post sliders and the news page.


Wysiwig Text Editor for posts and Divi Text Module for pages.
Casading Style Sheet(css) runs the look, layout, fonts and colours. Select from paragraph, H1 to pre-formatted in dropdown menu.








-kitchen sink
-full screen
-text code access
-copying text from word or other program. Copy text into notepad or use the clear formatting in the editor.
-urls that go off site should be target blank

-revision control ( right sidebar -up to 5 times)



POSTS -Update the Fall 2023 Programs info. (General Post) To run through the post screen

PAGE with DIVI - ( Page with toggles)

PAGE with DIVI - ( short codes + tables )



Caching involves making copies of your site’s files and storing them in a specific location. These files include everything related to your WordPress website — including its posts, pages, photos, videos, and user data.

When a user visits your site for the first time, their browser will need to load all of the necessary content from scratch. Their browser sends a request to your website’s server, which returns your site’s content as an HTML file. This process can take a few seconds to complete, slowing down your page speed.

With site caching, some of your website’s content is stored in a location more easily accessible to the user’s browser, such as on their local device. When the user returns to a page, your website’s information can be displayed more quickly.

IMPORTANT: If you have done alot of edits and your site starts to looks funny on the front end it usually means you need to clear  the cache. Please clear your cache after you save from the top back dashboard.

  1. Editors clear divi cache. (Located at top wordpress dashboard)
  2. Admins clear purge cache & divi cache (Located at top wordpress dashboard)

Events (Programs)

Can edit/add/delete individual programs.
tag to different category(program area) and or type(age)
If want replace the default image for any program details page. 622 x 500 pixels upload to image banner on single event page

Media Library

Always optimize your images and files using an image editor like Adobe Photoshop.

Optimize pdf files using an acrobat optimizer.   Recommend turning all word files into pdf to post to save size and for security.

Here are sample free optimizers  (please read the fine print for the free version before using these as they have not been tested out)


Media Sizes

Ensure all images/pdfs are optimized to the smallest size 1 mb or smaller or the website will start to get too big in size.
Items such the brochure PDF would be your biggest media files approx 5MB. If you have something really big bigger we should save it on the server but not in the website folders.

Top post banner images should be (1200 x 510 pixels)


****Website Advanced Items

Managing categories-Sarah

Creating logins and managing other site editors with role editor. (staff and board) If there are going to be other editors.
Event calendar migration

SEO- Yoast

Theme Builder to header and footer edits.

Header buttons for desktop and mobile
Quick Links Menu


Logins where are we at? 

Website Domain Login
Website Hosting Login
Website Google Analytics Login

Decisions? Direction?

website security care plan


Shortcodes  ( copy from text code view or below will not work)

Responsive Button Sample code

Responsive Table Sample code

July 1-September 3, 2023

Monday-Thursday 9:00am-9:00pm
Friday 9:00am-5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday Closed

Holiday Hours

Aug 7 & Sep 4 Closed