Japanese – 5 Years Old

Hiroko Kashihara
September 9, 2023
December 16, 2023
10:45 AM
12:00 PM
JHC Preschool Room
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This Japanese program has been in operation at WPG for over 25 years and continues to emphasize the importance of creativity and social development in the acquisition of language skills. Children will learn the Japanese language through activity based methods including reading, writing and crafts. The 9:15am class focuses on language (word play) and music and the 10:45am class focuses on arts and crafts and traditional Japanese games. It is recommended but not required that children enroll for both time slots. If enrolling for both timeslots, it is mandatory for parents to pick up their children in between the two classes. Please note that these classes are Japanese immersion based which means they are in Japanese. However, children do not need to have experience with the Japanese language to register. Class takes place at Jericho Hill Centre at 4196 West 4th Avenue.

Hiroko Kashihara