About the Board

The West Point Grey Community Centre Association (WPGCCA) Board of Directors jointly operates the West Point Grey Community Centre (WPGCC) with the Vancouver Park Board.  Some of the responsibilities of the Board include approving an annual budget, developing policies and strategic direction, monitoring financial assets, making decisions on membership issues and strengthening personal and business relationships with the community.

Board members apply their skills and experience at monthly board meetings and participate in at least one committee (e.g. Operations, Planning & Programming; Finance; Facilities; Marketing and Promotions). Board members also represent the WPGCCA at several events during the year, such as Point Grey Fiesta Days, the Sandcastle Competition, Lighting of Aberthau and at the Annual General Meeting.

Board members believe in the importance of neighbourhood-based community centres and have a desire to work with a team to develop and foster community engagement throughout the West Point Grey community.

Join the Board

Community members are welcome to volunteer as committee members. You can be elected to the Board at the Annual General Meeting or during the year as space permits. View the WPGCCA General Board Member Posting. The application form can be found here: Board of Directors Nomination Form 2023.

Board members are required to attend the Annual General Meeting, which will be held on Wednesday, February 15, 2024 starting at 7:00pm.

WPGCCA financials

Section 14.3 Section (a) of the Joint Operating Agreement between the West Point Grey Community Centre Association and the Vancouver Board of Parks and Recreation calls for the Association to develop a plan to spend and/or keep as operating contingency, at the Association’s discretion, its Retained Earnings on an annual basis. Below is the plan for the retained earnings of the West Point Grey Community Centre Association for 2020-2021.

Contact information

You can contact the West Point Grey Community Centre Association Board of Directors directly at: wpgcc@vancouver.ca